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Mussette! A distinguished dining destination in Kennebunkport!

Rent a bike from Mainely Bicycle and take a coastal ride to Mussette! Musette is a notable restaurant located in Kennebunkport, Maine. Here are some key details about Musette:

  1. Cuisine and Dining Experience:

  • Musette offers a contemporary American menu with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. The cuisine is inspired by seasonal availability, ensuring a dynamic and evolving menu.

  • The dining experience is upscale yet approachable, making it suitable for both casual meals and special occasions.

  1. Chef and Ownership:

  • The restaurant is helmed by Chef Jonathan Cartwright, a celebrated chef known for his innovative culinary style and expertise. Chef Cartwright is dedicated to providing a memorable dining experience through his carefully crafted dishes.

  1. Location and Ambiance:

  • Situated in the charming town of Kennebunkport, Musette provides a cozy and elegant ambiance. The interior design combines modern elements with a touch of classic New England charm, creating a welcoming atmosphere for diners.

  • The restaurant's location in Kennebunkport makes it a popular spot for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy a high-quality meal in a picturesque setting.

  1. Special Features:

  • Musette often incorporates special events and themed dining experiences, such as wine pairings and seasonal tasting menus, to enhance the culinary experience.

  • The restaurant is also known for its attentive and knowledgeable staff, ensuring excellent service to complement the food.

  1. Hours and Reservations:

  • It's advisable to check Musette's current hours of operation, as they may vary by season. Making reservations in advance is recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure a table.

Overall, Musette is a distinguished dining destination in Kennebunkport, offering a refined yet accessible culinary experience that highlights the best of Maine's local produce and culinary talent.

a picture of mussette restaurant
Mussette restaurant in Cape Porpoise Kennebunkport


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